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What is Ultimate Service?

In Writing

When it comes to purchasing or selling real estate, it seems like everyone wants to talk about customer service offered. Customer service isn’t just about talking. It is a commitment.  At Coldwell Banker Momentum® we recognize that you want more from us than just conversation. You want a commitment that we follow through on. That’s why we proudly use the Ultimate Service® system pioneered by Coldwell Banker, a system that puts you in control. Ultimate Service delivers assurances that you will receive the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.


How does our guarantee work?



We Listen.

We will sit with you and find out what is most important to you, our client.   Where do you want to be?  What do you need in a home?  What don’t you want in your home.  The list is yours to create and ours to fulfill.  Together we will refine the list to your satisfaction.


We Guarantee.

From there we will develop a specific service plan that meets your needs.  Then we put that plan in writing and guarantee it.  We will live up to those commitments or you will have the right to cancel your representation agreement!  We truly mean service you ask for!


We Survey.

Every customer who works with one of our representatives on a transaction is asked about our service.  You will be provided with a customer service survey.  This allows us to monitor how we are doing as representatives, company and brand.  It also allows us to improve based on your feedback.