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Benefits of a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can serve both design and functionality purposes. A great kitchen island can set the tone for the entire kitchen and main floor, while adding extra storage space and seating. Moveable islands are a great choice for smaller or galley kitchens for storage and small breakfast areas. Check out some of the benefits of having a kitchen island below!


Having a kitchen island is perfect for adding those extra drawers or cabinet space. If you can add a larger island, this will open the opportunity for more storage. A kitchen island is more than just looks you know! Hide away all the kitchen clutter with a beautifully designed island to make your kitchen look inviting and organized. An island is the perfect option to get some much-needed counter space, if your kitchen is lacking in storage options.


Having an island that can be used for informal seating is perfect for the kids or house parties. A kitchen island is the perfect place to pull up a chair and do some homework while dinner is being cooked or have a morning brunch with the family gathered around. You can also enjoy some casual appetizers while hosting a get together or house party. There is never a downside to having more seating available in your house!


There are a few amenities you can add to any kitchen island – you can add an extra stove top or an extra sink if you need more areas to wash or cook. You could also build a microwave or dishwasher right into the island itself. There are may ways to add specific amenities to your kitchen island if you just can’t seem to find the room elsewhere!

Overall, a kitchen island can provide many design and storage benefits for your home, but just make sure to consider whether it will work in your kitchen or not.


For some inspiration check out these kitchen islands below: